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     Debossing is a printing technique that involves pressing an image or design into a surface so that it appears indented or recessed. It is the opposite of embossing, which involves raising an image or design above the surface.

     Debossing is commonly used in the printing and packaging industries to add texture and dimension to products. It is often used on book covers, business cards, and packaging materials to create a more tactile and visually appealing finish.

     Debossing can be achieved using a variety of techniques, such as die cutting or foil stamping. In die cutting, a sharp metal die is used to cut the design into the surface of the material. In foil stamping, a metallic or colored foil is applied to the surface using heat and pressure.

     Debossing is a popular choice for creating high-quality, visually appealing products, as it adds depth and texture to the design without the need for additional materials or processes.


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